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Newcastleton has lots of exciting projects going on and many community groups working tirelessly to support Newcastleton and the people who live here. We have projects that provide activities and heritage groups to remember bygone days and in depth local history for the village and the Scottish Borders.

Click here to learn more about the Scottish Borders Councillors that serve Newcastleton!

Newcastleton Polysport

Detailed information about Polysport activity centre and the facilities available, if want to become a member you can download an application form from the web site.

Polysport Pitch Fitness Room Polysport

The Waverley Route

The Waverley Route was the North British Railway's line between Edinburgh & Carlisle, through the Scottish Borders. Opened in two stages, between 1849 & 1862, the railway linked the Border towns of Galashiels, Melrose, St.Boswells & Hawick. It also saw one of the first preservation attempts in the country, which it was hoped would save it from closure, being run as a private venture. Follow the link to read more..


The first train steamed into the valley on the 1st of July 1862, the Waverley line between Carlisle and Edinburgh was later closed by British Rail in January 1969. The first picture on the left shows Newcastleton station.


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